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1897/1898 POLYPHON

German music box with 16 tuned bells!!! Eight feet high and coin operated (takes pennies). 24 inch diameter music discs (about a dozen included). Incredible beautiful sound fills the entire gallery!!! The largest bell music box ever made and extremely rare. From Poland. Hart sales associate Jennifer adores it but it is for sale at $19,995.00

Zenith Console Zenith Console

"His Masters Voice" GRAMOPHONE (British Victor)

From 1910
price $1395 with records and 1 year warranty.

Zenith Console


Manufactured in 1938 - fully restored
Original finish and grille cloth
1 year warranty.
Price $795.

Zenith Console

VICTROLA XVII "The Seventeenth"

Rare Victrola XVII "The Seventeenth" in art-carved mahogany with 22kt gold plated fixtures.
This early wind-up Victrola is the very finest that can practically be obtained anywhere.
It dates approximately 1915 and comes with 100 needles and a stack of records.
1 year warranty. Price $1895.

Victrola Book

The book "Look for the Dog" as seen on the turntable close-up, is available for $39.95.

Tiger Victrola

This is a beautiful tiger oak Victor Victrola XIV "The Fourteenth" manufactured about 1915.
It comes with records, 100 needles and 1 year warranty for $1495.

Tiger Victrola

Victor II "The Second"

This is a classic gramophone from 1903 - all original including the horn on a matching original tiger oak base.
These are very rare now! Price $3250 includes base, records, 100 needles and 1 year warranty.
This is the original of the "Grammy Award".


Columbia "Q" Graphophone (Cylinder phonograph)

Manufactured about 1901.
Comes with 3 wax 2-minute cylinders including one early brown wax c. 1901.
One year warranty. Price $745.



This is a new plaster copy made from the original factory molds and artist hand painted. Price $135.
We have many bakelite plastic radios from the 1940's and 1950's for sale
like the General Electric Model 220 ($115) sitting next to Nipper.


Two classic RCA radios!

RCA Model T8-18 "tombstone" price $375
Below a spectacular RCA 811K Console with tuning eye price $495.
Both have 1 year warranty.

RCA Radios

A rare RCA Catalin Radio!

On the right, the Catalin is actually a deep blue color with a mirror polish.
Manufactured in 1946 and one of the largest Catalin radios made.
Price $695.
Sitting next is a 1950's Crosley "dashboard" style radio Model D25BE.
Price $225.

RCA Catalin

Western Electric Phones

Western Electric Model 202 oval base table phone from the 1930's
Price $295
And a Western Electric Model 500 series wall phone from the 1950's
Price $165.

Western Phone

Edison Cylinder Phonographs

We have many examples of the Edison cylinder phonograph in stock.
Here are an Edison Home Phonograph (left) and two Edison Standard Phonographs.
All come with cylinder records and 1 year warranty.
Edison Home $1095, Edison Standard $795, Edison Banner Standard $995



We try to keep a good assortment of vintage telephones in stock.
Most of them are restored and fitted with modular plugs for use.
We offer a 90 day warranty with all of our restored phones.


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